Midi Thru of Shruti-1

I am thinking of filtering out all other that Syssex to avoid a midi feed back loop I get when plugged into my PC. Does anyone have any experiance with this?

Has anyone used Energy XT2 to control Shruti-1?

Nope use of Energy XT2.

But there’s this thing called midipal that might do the trick.

have you looked at the ctrl midi mode? from the manual:


The MIDI out port outputs only NRPN messages capturing knobs tweaking. This mode is ideal for using the Shruthi with both its IN/OUT ports connected to the same device. The other modes are not suitable for operation in this configuration since they can cause unwanted MIDI loops.

There’s no such thing on the Shruti (the Shruti does a dumb “tit for tat, byte for byte” MIDI thru)