Midi Switcher

Here’s another cool invention from Jason for those that get bored with the usual analog drum machines.


That’s ace!

I should get one… i think…

I’m the first funder!

I’m the second!

I think this needs some more publicity…

Third !

Yep, a lot more publicity. Think I’ll be ordering some solenoids on ebay soon… :slight_smile:

I’m really on the edge about this one. Can’t think of a good way to conjure up a good use for it: how about if I turn my Ukelin into a MIDI controlled prepared-piano? That’s the best I’ve got so far. Any ideas on what other end-receivers would fit nicely instead of solenoids?

How about:

I had a lot of fun controlling a dozen Hitec servos with midi notes. The funniest variant was when those servos were connected to each other in a kind of mechanical snake controller by a chord or arpeggio.

@herrprof that is actually a really good idea. I’ll have to see if I can make a solenoid that clips on drums. So that and the piano idea makes two.

I imagine setting up solenoids around a hang drum would sound interesting…

Actually I have a Korg Wavedrum in mind, but the whole idea is exciting indeed. I’d rather make something that hits the drum surface in a typical drum-stick fashion instead of the solenoid. Slicing instead of stabbing if you excuse the vulgar language.

So, got some info back from Muffs: I’m looking for “clapper solenoids”. I’m thinking of adjusting drum sticks on those and put them on a Wavedrum/Hang Drum/Kitchen Appliance. What do you guys think?

Sounds reasonable, just make sure to adjust so that it can’t smash whatever it ends up hitting… (levers, force used at one end !=force at other end(usually higher force at other end).

cool device. if i were a performance artist i would got for this but i’m not…

@v’cent That’s good advice, thanks. From what I gather so far the clapper solenoids use a pulley to move the drum sticks so I can’t imagine that design having enough power to smash anything. Clipping the solenoids close to a surface might do damage though.

In any case, ordered! I’ll let you guys know how it goes after I’ve managed to make something.