MIDI / sustain pedal

so far I’ve been whaling on this lil guy through my Axiom 25 - all good, really - but my sustain pedal doesn’t work w/the Shruti. it’s a typical 1/4" sustain that plugs into the Axiom…works w/my Virus just fine but Virus + Shruti are different animals. any clues, gang?

Do you know what MIDI message your sustain pedal sends? I don’t think the Shruti does anything with those messages ; I don’t even know how a synth is expected to respond to this (set release to 127 instead of the value set in the patch) - but I can fix the firmware to make it work. The Shruti is monophonic, so notes are certainly not going to overlap anyway.

my sustain/axiom sends CC #64. i use the pedal for holding drones while i busy myself w/other things (or just hold them for the sake of holding them).

Ok, will implement in future firmware version!

Great idea!
My assumption was always that a sustained synth was holding off processing the note off messages until the pedal was released.

The only trick would be making sure that if you release the pedal while still holding some notes that it doesn’t kill them all…?

just a follow-up so Olivier doesn’t head off on a goose chase

“I don’t even know how a synth is expected to respond to this (set release to 127 instead of the value set in the patch)”

what a sustain pedal does is tell the synth to ignore any “note off” msg received from the keyb/seq/wherever, pausing the env/VCA at the Sustain stage.

geese are particularly vicious birds.

the sustain pedal thru axiom works 110% OK on my virus - the shruti doesn’t respond at all (no lil icon on the LCD)

Got a sustain pedal at work, implemented support for CC64. I found it very useful with the arpeggiator and sequencer (both have a “latch” mode but it’s easier to alternate between latched and non-latched play with the pedal)…

hey olivier,

is this going to be implemented in a Shruti firmware upgrade?


Will have a look to check how much extra space it takes…

I’ve removed the easter egg and the NRPN checking, and replaced this by a local check for the most common source of “bad NRPN data causing crashes”.

So I could sneak in the pedal CC code. It was a pain to test because I took a pedal from a Korg piano and they appear to have a reverse polarity compare to Roland’s. It naturally works as an arpeggiator latch too.

Have a look at the version 0.59 file here:

You’d better test it a bit before I make a louder announcement.

thanks Olivier! I’ll report back shortly…