Midi Solutions Quadra Thru and YARNS

Hey all, I wanna run the through box from YARNS, it is midi powered

Should be fine to be powered from Yarns?

That would be exactly the heart of a complex solution I was sketching yesterday. :thinking: I was about to order the Quadra Thru and Yarns but I’ll hold off for a moment until someone can confirm that it works.

(I’ve used a Quadra Thru with different devices and never had a problem with power over midi, so I suspect it will…)

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No, Yarns works with 3.3V.

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Hi @pichenettes, according to Midi Solution’s specs, the Quadra Thru supports both 5V and 3.3V. Should be fine then, no?

They have a FAQ about this that distinguishes between “the original Midi Solutions products”, which only supported 5V, and their more recent “MultiVoltage products”. It’s not exactly clear to me which products belong to the latter. But the Quadra Thru sold by Thomann is called “V2”: could it be that V1 only worked on 5V and they updated it to be “MultiVoltage”?

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If it handles 3.3V, then it should be fine!


I can confirm it works really well. Thanks guys. Indeed it operates at both voltages.

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Whew, so my big “connect all my synths” plan is saved. :slightly_smiling_face: