Midi Software Controller DEMO for Shruthi out now (PC only)

Here is the first Demo for the Shruthi controller. Shruthi needs the last Firmware.
Installation: download the file and unzip it. Copy the complete files into a folder of your choice.
A beta manual is include.
This is an insert effect , so you had to Route Shruthi into your ASIO soundcard and from ASIO output to your AMP. Attention, set the direct monitoring on your Soundcard to off.
Direct download link here: www.tubeohm.com/DEMOS/Shruthi-D.zip
Take first a look to the Beta Manual.
The software runs fine in Cubase , Reaper, but in Ableton no negative values are send. I have a discussion with Ableton - the prob is , that Ableton don’t send the NRPN header each time a NRPN value changes…
The effects and the Stepper gives shruthi a new sound. Effects = EQ-Tubedistortion,Phaser,Chorus, Delay and Reverb. Stepper with Ratchet mode and Gater function. Arp include .
The Controller is unidirectional, it send Midi outs.
You can store/Load patches and Banks direct on the PC.
The controller works also as a standalone version. Execute simply the Shruthi-D.exe and do the asio and Midi settings. 35 sounds include.
Have fun.

Demo limitation. Midi and audio dropouts each 45 s

tried on osx mountain lion with windowx xp running through parallels desktop, works flawlessly with my komplete audio 6 sound card, but it’s weird for me, i found the software interface too much complicated compared to the shruthi. The patchs are cool.
it’s very important, as you said, to turn off the direct monitoring of the soundcard, or you will get sick and puke on your keyboard…
good job :wink: