Midi Shift in Ableton

Hey everyone,

im really interested in the possibility of syncing different devices to each other and being able to shift and divide the midi signals going to each devices.
There are two devices i know about, which are able to make something like this , ACME SEND4 and Innerclock Sync shift. The thing is, i don’t have enough budget for those two.

Is there any possibility having this issue solved in a different way? Ableton ? Any know m4l patch ?
and i have Midi-Pal. My sequencers are Ableton,Maschine, Doepfer Darktime and EHX 8Step can i use them for such thing ?

I would really appreciate if someone could help
thanx a lot

What’s the actual problem you’re trying to solve?

if there is a possibility through ableton or midipal to send shifted midi clocks to different devices.
without paying 999euro and getting acme snd


And even more time shifting settings … But this does not apply to the midi clock of ableton.
But in combination with a midi clock plugin like this it could do wonders…

oo :slight_smile: thank you alot i will try it

@ shiftr , too bad it works only on 32bit. its not working for me :frowning:
is there any other alternative for it ?

Don’t know… Max 4 live? Google?

i don’t find anything but i will look further