Midi Patchbays

I’ve been reading that the midi thru of synths will cause more latency down the chain of multiple synths. That led me to dig into midi patchbays a bit which seems to be a nice solution. I have a midi interface when I want to run into a DAW, but it doesn’t run standalone. I’ve found a decent amount of patchbays on evilbay, some of them being well known roland and Yamaha models. How do you guys feel on this topic?

Depends. Usually, the THRU output is an electrical “mirror” of the IN input, so no latency at all (okay, cable propagation… but it’s negligible).

What is causing delay is an OUT configured at a THRU - the signal goes through one round of decoding/re-encoding, so this might add about 1ms of delay (or more if the firmware is not optimally coded).


I have a Casio TB-1. It works great as long as your synthesizers can have separate channels set. Otherwise, everything hooked up will play at the same time. Also, it only multiplies outward signals, and does not consolidate in ward signals.

I can recommend the Yamaha MJC-8

I have a vintage Akai ME30P that gives my midi a warm analog tone. Actually I’m just using it as a 1x8 thru box driving my shruthis from a, uh, cough, keytar midi contoller.

@deadmonkey You’re aware that one of the rules of this forum is that if you mention your keytar you must post a picture of yourself playing it? Right?

Wearing spandex!

I have an MJC8, ME30P and a JL Cooper MSB 16/20. I’m lazy and like to have everything plugged in at the same time so I can play whatever I want from whatever I want whenever I want (so there). The handy thing about the patchbay is that you can save routings for various functions. I have routings saved to play everything from one of the controllers, or update all of the Shruthis at the same time or play 4 Shruthis from the controller and one from the MidiALF, etc.

weNiverse Whatpichenettes said; you really don’t have to worry about latency in case your synth has a dedicated third MIDI connector labelled THRU next to the IN and OUT.

its a rock band controller for the Wii. That doesn’t count does it?

Sure it does!

Thanks my friends, I found a Yamaha mjc8 on eBay that I’m after

I had a Yamaha MJC8 some years ago, used it a lot, but ended up replacing it with an 8-channel MIDI interface because that ended up just so much easier to use for my purposes.


Did I hear
Admissible evidence ? PHOTO ?

Waldorf MIDIbay here - great little tool, but not enough MIDI ports, unfortunately. And I am still after the remote control - if you come across one, please let me know!

That’s why I picked up the JL Cooper MSB 16/20. It was expensive but I should be okay for ports for awhile.

you have a missing pieceo of my Waldorf Collection… if you ever want to sell - you know where to find me :wink:

@piscione: That’s only one MIDI input more - I guess I’ll have to roll something myself. I’ll let you know fcd72!

iConnectMidi 4+ and one of these https://www.tindie.com/products/hotchk155/midihub-6-way-midi-thru-and-metronome-module/ should do the job

Just back in stock at the store. I think we all should buy one- it even generates it’s own clock now!