Midi pal wanted

Really need a midi pal, as I have sold some of my old gear, mono/poly, sh101 and my poly800 is not working correctly. Miss chord memory and step sequencing. I think they are out of stock and discontinued. Shipping will be to the uk.


Would any of the Midisizer projects work? Specifically the MidiBud ?

Edit: Or maybe this is your answer? MidiPal Clone

Been looking at these, want something quick though not in kit form really, but not totally out of the question. Got a couple of other repairs that need to get around to so not to much time for tinkering .
If I can’t get hold of a midi pal will try one and let you know.


I don’t use mine TBH and would sell it. But I really can’t be bothered posting it. So unless you’re near Staffordshire?

Yes I am and not far from staffs, I’m in aldridge near lichfeid so could collect!

Cheers mate I’m around let me know.

I’m available to collect today if your home just let me know details, price, post code and time.


Got my midi pal! Now for some fun. thanks 6581punk