Midi Pal Ableton SetUp

Anyone have any experience using the midi pal with Ableton live and vsts?

Trying to achieve this


Hi casertamusic,… using the midipal with ableton and vsts doesn’t make a lot of sense. Most of the functions in the midipal are already in ableton. In the form of midi effects.

The video you posted is very typical of a NON computer NON VST setup. It’s all analog equipment,
It would be very difficult to work like this on ableton. Maybe you could get some midicontrollers hooked up to ableton to get the same kind of live knob twiddeling feel to it. But it would be still very different.
What would you like to do? What kind of music and how? What other equipment do you have at the moment?


I dont see why it would be that difficult…i already am able to input notes to the midi pal. now all i need is the midi pal to be able to accept triggers similar to the way the 808 sends out triggers to the sh101 in the video…theres actually a post from last month on the forum requesting just that

I guess you could route midi out of ableton to the midipal and then back in to ableton. It would definitely be doable with the updated midipal sh101 sequencer and a midi interface, but there must be a nicer way to do this in ableton without the midipal…
Look at the thread about the 101 sequencer (i think it was my request) it explains how to do it with midi gear, just apply it to several tracks in ableton. It’s definitely a great way to make sequences and develop a groove.

I use ableton and I am interested in the midipal, I don’t think abletons midi effects have the same creative possibilities as the midipal does. For example I have an mfb 522 drum machine along with a couple other vintage ones and triggering random patterns with the midipal I think is way easier to set up then trying to do the same in ableton alone, also being able to use chord memory with any vst synth you have is pretty awesome, if theres a way to set that up in ableton I would love for someone to tell me how to do it because going into midi effects/chord/house and maybe adding a scale effect is nothing like the chord memory on my old alpha juno. I can keep going about midi pal features compared to midi effects in ableton so if I’m wrong about all of this someone give me links to some info and save me some money.