Midi Out/Thru

In the Ambika instructions, it says thsat the Ambika by default runs the OUT as a THRU.
Which is fine by me but for some reason if I have my x0xb0x after it, it stops the STOP/START signals from my Octatrack.
Ive fixed this by putting the Ambika last but wondered why this is happening?


Check the “System preferences” section of the manual, MIDI output mode. You’re probably using FULL instead of THRU.


Nope. Its on thru.

So the symptoms are:

  • Set to THRU.
  • You send a start/stop message.
  • You don’t get it on the output.



Will investigate.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I cannot reproduce the problem.

Anybody else has seen the same thing?

Does it output the other midi messages?


I’ll check when I get home. My ambika is last as well and it might be for the same reason

My ambika transmits start and stop messages in “full” output mode to my x0x with no issues.

@pish… I just remembered your Ambika is running the modified firmware with the extra key scaling on the filter… Might have to do with that.

Ok. I’ll have a look. Its not really a problem tho.