Midi out thru capability

Hi pichenettes,
i’d like to know if it’s possible for the nest firmware revision to have midi thru capability because when i make a live during a party i try to bring the minimun gears. I use machine drum as master and after sammsih sid, shruti-1 and sp303. but unfortunaly the last 3 are not midi thru.
If it’s possible that could be great. i don’t know if i’m alone in that case ?

I’ve just read that in your next synth, it will be present …

Hmmm… The Shruti-1 already forwards to Out any MIDI message it receives on In. Maybe it broke in a recent firmware update but I don’t think so. Have you checked that your MIDI out connector is soldered correctly?

You’re right pichenettes, shruti-1 out thru is working welll