MIDI merger

Anyone any good or bad experiences with specific MIDI mergers? Or do they all “just work”? :slight_smile:

low cost and diy: midibox

@kvitekp has one in the works I believe!

Ive bought a few that work well. You can get them so cheap its hardly worth it to build one I think.

The anatek merge
midiman 2x2
the midisolutions 4x1.

They all just work, but you have to make sure your devices can midipower on input 1 for the midisolution device. The midiman one also accepts a 9v psu so you can midi power downstream devices.

The old Yamaha YMM2 is solid and can be found cheap on ebay if your patient. It merges 2 inputs and each input also has a thru. I also have a 8x8 JL Copper that I just picked up for cheap. Very nice and very programmable.

Looks like ESI now also offers a tiny 4-in, 1-out merger.

I know it gets boring - but i can recommend this one

I am eagerly waiting for @kvitekp 's one :slight_smile:

@cereyanlimusiki – it’s almost at the top of my TODO list… However, pure analogue (for a change!) project (Jurgen Haible’s Living VCOs for my 5U) was resurrected after being shelved for 2 years and pushed MidiMate down a little.

I miss JH ;(

Kenton and Phil Rees units have been around for years.

I got the ESI microMERGE recently and it looks like you should not get this one. It doesn’t seem to understand that a note-on message with the velocity 0 should be interpreted as a note-off and for some reason it decides to just filter it out… :frowning:

@kvitekp Are you enjoying with your Living VCOs ? :slight_smile: Any update for MidiMate ?

@cereyanlimusiki : Living VCOs? You bet! They are the best sounding oscillators I ever heard! They sound like nothing else. It’s hard to elaborate, however “living” works the best to describe the way they sound.

When it’s “living” in that linear detune sweet spot, you can clearly hear the difference between TL072 and OPA2134 used in the mixer stage.

MidiMate: no update yet, looks like a I had too much embedded programming with MidiREX, so currently recovering with pure analog projects (JH LVCO and JP8 VCF), will be back to coding soon :wink:

Ha! What a coincidence, I’ve been looking to buy one. I have my eyes set on the MIDISolutions 2-to-1 as it doesn’t need an external powering source.

@herrprof Any idea on how I make sure that my unit’s output will power the MIDISolutions Merger?

most devices with midi out work fine, its powered off the 5v pin of the midi connector. Ive only had 1-2 devices that dont do the job. Just put the device that works on the first midi jack when you figure it out.

Thanks! I just realized I can try with my MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus ~ Facepalm ~