MIDI IN works just a little, but not enough

The 6n137’s notch looks towards the midi connector.
In synth mode, the display does not show midi notes.
But when i send notes on the correct channel while i’m in sequencer/setup mode, LED 7 flashes 5 times.

Any ideas?

… of course due to the fact midi is not working, i can’t hear a sound coming from the shruthi

Have you tried the test note? Do you get sound?

Holding S1 for some seconds and releasing it does not produce sound.
Should it show a note symbol in the display? It doesnt.

I cranked up the volume and now i hear something! But very little volume. The background noise is much louder!

Have you installed the 2 Jumpers besides the Audio Jacks?
If so you most likely have swapped a Resistor…

I usually have to hold down S1 for three seconds twice. I don’t know why.

So my test is like this:

1) Plug in
2) Hit S4
3) Hit S1 and hold
4) Hit S1 and hold

Then I get the test tone.

@fcd72 - I think the 68 ohm / 68K ohm swaperoo sounds like that doesn’t it?

If LED 7 flashes 5 times, it means that the Shruthi has received a note on message and has started counting beats for the step sequencer / LFOs. Maybe the synth is really showing the note on icon, but too fast for you to see it? Try moving the pitch bend lever or the mod wheel on your controller, and see if you see something on the screen.

There are many reasons why the synth wouldn’t emit a sound even if it received correct MIDI data…

Okay, now i testet the synth with volume cranked up and the basics work. But the volume is too little compared to the noise

Hm, seems like i have to make a bridge beside the audio connectors…

Thanks fcd72

After installing the jumpers beside the audio connectors it works.
I also recognized the note-on symbol in the display. While pitchbend or modwheel symbols are visible very well, the note-on symbol is appearing very short and dark. But that shouldn’t be a problem for me :slight_smile:

BTW, my acrylic enclosure is printed with strange stuff on the inside. Big black letters say e.g. “…package sont donnees sur…” and “… rbing to ISO 7823-1 …” and “… Lagerhinweise unter ww…”.
Looks like my case is made of an used billboard. Wired, but … i like it.

Erm, that’s the protective foil. Remove that and you’ll get a more normal looking case.
Just wish my case parts had some nice printed moose on their foil. But no, they didn’t so I had to take it away :frowning:


Was snacking on some home-made moose meatballs. Meatballruthi…