MIDI implementation

I clicked the link on the main MI Shruthi Spec page for a MIDI chart, but the page it loads tells me that the file is to be deleted and I cannot see it. I am hoping (once I’ve built it!) to make a controller profile for my Native Instruments Maschine (and maybe my APC40 too using Max). Could someone post the implementation chart or a working link? Also does the forum have a section where I could upload the files for these controllers once i’ve made them so other people can download them?

File back online.

Cheers, i’ve downloaded a copy. Much appreciated.

I cannot find anywhere in the manual how to set the midi receive channel in the Shruthi 1. Can anyone help?

I want to use a master keyboard to switch between different modules by changing the receive channel.

First result when you search for “channel” in the manual…