MIDI go-between

hello all! I recently acquired an ambika and I love it.

I have a moog sub37 that I am currently using for a keyboard but I would love tontake advantage of all the knobs on the moog and map them to all the parameters on the ambika. Would make a thorough control surface.

I don’t think the moog lets me change the messages the knobs send. Is there a way to get the ambika to map parameters to different ccs?

Or is there a device, or maybe iPad app, that could serve as a good go between and let me build profiles for different synths? I’d like to do something similar with my Blofeld module.

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.


If you are using an iPad, get Ctrlr. I think it is free on iPad too. If not, you can install it for free on your computer. Then you can make a control surface for any synth you want.

There’re a bunch of controller via iPad apps. Want I’m looking for is something that lets me translate the signals coming from the moogs knobs. I’d like to stay screen free…

I think Midibridge could do it with some “Stream Byter” rules (if you are looking for an IOS app). Check the tutorial here: link
In hardware a “Midibox NG” should be capable of doing the job.

>screen free

I would then recommend a BeatStep. Old or pro, that doesn’t matter. You will need to program a template once on your computer, then it is all hardware from there.

I honestly can’t think of any hardware that will translate CCs. Easy to do in software though.

You could also use one of the iConnectivity boxes. I am very happy with the iConnectMIDI4+. It’s a really great MIDI interface with very flexible routing and filter options. And it can also remap or convert up to 8 MIDI CC.

Ah! Cool. Lots of options to research. I already have an iPad so I’ll start there. Thanks everyone!

So midi bridge is doing what I need so far. One more question… What’s thinking of designing a little sequencer to in midi designer or something for the parts sequencers but I can figure out how to access them in the midi implementation. They’re not controlled via cc messages I guess? Anyone know what kind of message I need to send to address the sequencer? Looks like nrpn messages are maybe one way but I don’t think that’s a standard thing on ios midi control apps…

The MIDI Designer app supports cc, nrpn and sysex and has a learn function. But I can’t help with the implementation. Unfortunately I don’t have an Ambika.