Midi Designer for iPad

Been trying this software.
But I’m very frustrated…
Trying to get he controls to talk NRPN…but either I’m an idiot (quite probable) or the software is not right.
Has anyone tried this software?
There is a lite version for free…which is what I am using, before I commit.
Perhaps it’s just me…maybe someone with a lot more experience can guide me to create just one control.
I like the software…if I could just figure out how to do NRPN.

Update: I also posed question to the designer of the software.
He was very quick to respond and is looking at the issue.
A quality reminiscent of Oliver!
Anyway…I hope to resolve it soon, and I will make the templates for Shruthi control via iPad available to all interested.
I think the software is quite clever…if it works as advertised.