Midi control the midipal?

after using the midi LFO to great effect, i’d love to have a better, faster, more immediate way to interact with it.
can the settings be controlled via CC? thanks.

No. Given the wide array of situations in which the MIDIpal is used, it would be dangerous if MIDI messages like CCs had side effects on the MIDIpal. It can be edited only through SysEx. Unless you tweak its code of course!

could it be controlled via…

Controller: Up to 8 sensors / potentiometers (or any voltage source) can be connected to the MIDIpal board, turning it into a versatile “brain” for sensing applications.

and how would that work, how do we connect the voltage source?

You would have a external midi controller thing (think behringer bcr), that you then connect via midi to the midipal, that then sends out the controls from the bcr to everything down-chain.

I’m guessing that what you actually want is a custom midi controller, and in that case, I’d reccomend looking at stuff like the doepfer midi DIY kit, or any other DIY controller kit for that matter, the midipal isn’t a custom midi controller, and trying to make it one will probably involve much more work+money than buying a off-the-shelf version.

Speaking of external Midi controllers, has Roland ever made a stand-alone D-beam? I would like to have one of those. Is there anything like that out there?
Is there a DIY version?

Koma Kommander

There was a d-beam standlone unit made before Roland licensed it. Its pretty bulky though.
Might want to take a look at:

Thanks for the link. I have not caught modularitis yet… yet…
So Midi would be a bit more useful to me.

@herrprof: Yes, I remember hearing about that leap motion device a while ago. Too bad that I don’t use Macs. Seems to be very little chance of cross-platform compatibility too.

I found a review of the standalone product:

Man, 350 euro just for one? Well, that is crazy. It also didn’t send SYSEX so that would limit its use a bit. I’ll just stick to my Air FX for now, haha. Of course, that just manipulates audio.
Thanks for finding the article.

I didn’t know you could control the midipal with sysex… could you access any parameter through it?

Secret on the MIDIpal allowing basic CC control is on the TODO list.

yes, i misunderstood the sysex comment previously. is it possible to control the midi LFO via sysex strings? that i could work out.

and to clarify to others in the thread, i’m looking for a way to control the midipal’s multiple midi lfos via something other than the midipal’s single knob.

> is it possible to control the midi LFO via sysex strings? that i could work out.


thanks! i may be back with more questions.