MIDI control over Rene sequencer with Yarns

Hi! I’m sequencing a Piston Honda with a Make Noise Rene and trying to have control over the sequence with a MIDI keyboard via Yarns. The idea is to add variety to the sequence pressing different MIDI notes. Since RENE’s CV out is already controlling the 1V/OCT input on the PH how can I send this MIDI information to the sequencer with YARNS? is this possible? Many thanks

What do you want to do?

  • Transpose the sequence from the Rene from the keyboard? If so, that’s easy: route the CV out from René and the CV out from Yarns to the two inputs of a precision adder (for example, LInks 2:2 section). The resulting signal is sent to the PH.
  • Use the keyboard to “overwrite” notes played by the Rene. To do that, you’ll need a switch module (like the A-150). You use the gate out of Yarns to switch between either Yarn’s CV out or the René CV out.

Thanks a lot for your reply! I would actually like to do both things, so basically I need one different module for each action you describe, right? Is there a single module that would cover both actions?
You’ll have to excuse me being quite novice in the modular world… what does “links 2:2 mean”, is this a model of precision adder? I found this the Module A-185-2 from Doepfer, would this work as well? Or would a standard “mult” module work? I’ve got a “mult” from Make Noise.

> Is there a single module that would cover both actions?

No. Modules tend to focus on a single function, and even if the two situations you describe are somehow related, they are completely different functions from an electrical point of view.

> what does “links 2:2 mean”,

Mutable Instruments Links

The middle section of the module sums two voltages, and outputs it on two jacks.

> would this work as well?


> Or would a standard “mult” module work?

No. Summing voltages with a mult sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. For it to work, the output stage of the two modules needs to be designed in a way that severely impacts accuracy - so if it ever works, it won’t be accurate, and you’ll get an error close to a quartertone.

really appreciate your help here, thanks