MIDI Clock out on Yarns - how to


for the life of me I can’t find a way to send a MIDI clock output to Yarns and thru it to my modular seq. I am in 2M Yarns mode that should - judging by manual - output MIDI clock through on its third (right) output.

I have done all the things able to find here and over at MW forums:

  • Ableton Sync engaged in software, sends clock to Unitor II MIDI interface
  • EXT clock appears on Yarns’ display (lowered internal BPM to under 40)
  • i/o clock divisions set in line with manual recommendation
  • played about with B- settings (all from zero onwards)

The only thing I haven’t done, as per manual, is because can’t find a menu that does following

“… by enabling the C>; (CLOCK OUTPUT) setting.”

Does anyone know where I can find this “C>” in menus? Is this only available in 4M / 4P modes so I have to do it there and move back to 2M?

Pls help!

The C> setting has been added in a more recent firmware update, but you don’t need it anyway. I confirm that in 2M mode, the gate output 3 and 4 are assigned to clock and reset.

Maybe it’s a hardware problem causing the gate outputs 3 and 4 to be dead all the time? Do they appear to work in 4M or 4P mode?


thanks for the quick answer pichenettes!

4M mode is the main mode (P1) on my Yarns and works just fine on all 4 CV/gate output pairs. But once I turn on the 2M (or 2P) modes, 3rd and 4th output pairs do not light up at all, unless I choose “Velocity” mode under modulations, wherein only the 3rd left output lights up and says lit up constantly (no blinking).

I am kinda confused because the module worked perfectly for 2 years now, with literally no hiccups whatsoever.

I can Once again confirm that Ableton indeed sends MIDI clock to Unitor II MIDI interface, and that MIDI interface sends MIDI clock to other hardware device just fine.

I know that there are certain workarounds, but then I use other modulation outputs and would love to have the issue resolved. Probably user error, as usual…Cheers

It’s normal, the LEDs are not tied to the gate outputs. They visualize the note on/off status, or CV level.

Is the MIDI start message also sent?

Hi there

Good to know that (about the leds)! Thanks for that!

The other hardware sequencer (MIDI) starts and keeps the pace with Ableton with zero issues…:frowning:

I will try another cable just in case Yarns is more “sensitive”…