Midi CC/NRPN out

Hi guys, I am seeing some odd behaviour sending out midi from shruthi polivoks in live 9.

CC38 is being recorded for both cutoff and resonance.

any idea what could be wrong ?


in fact only CC 38 is being sent to live via all knobs ?

This is because the Shruthi sends NRPNs instead of CCs, and Live does not support them so it must be displaying garbage.

hmm ok, will look into a way to get around that. cheers

I tried to get around this with midi pipe, but when using the a list monitor I still only see cc38 for ie cutoff reso etc.

Midi monitor show lsb 12 / 13 etc but I can’t work out how to convert those to cc.

I guess (excuse my nrpn ignorance) that the cc38 lsb 12 (cutoff) has to be converted to cc 14 to be recorded in live then sent back to shruthi. ?

NRPN don’t work like CC.

With NRPN, you have a message which announces which parameter is changed; and a message afterwards, which is always CC38, which indicates the value. So it’s normal you get CC38 for all parameters - what you’re missing is that there’s a message before it that indicates the parameter which is being changed.

You cannot convert NRPN from CC using simple MIDI filtering rules, since the whole edit operation is encoded into 2 MIDI messages.

Ok thanks, so 2 choices ? Use an external controller to automate shruthi or hope to see
A midi cc out mode :slight_smile:

I saw you had mentioned this before.