MIDI cc control of yarns

Really love yarns. I’ve been using it to power a 4 voice poly and it’s really powerful/reliable.
I’m having trouble controlling parameters such as vibrato speed/arpeggiator etc from a midi controller. Infact I can only control the parameters with a “Y” in the “recognised” column. Are these the only parameters enabled for remote midi CC control or am I doing something stupid?

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In fact thats how a MIDI Implementation Chart works: if it says “Y” it means as much as “Yes, its recognized”, if it says nothing then Yarns does… well…… nothing.

CC control is a feature of the most recent firmware. It’s easy to know: when the module starts, it should display “02” for a short time.

If it doesn’t, it still runs the old firmware, and you have to upgrade.

Yarns firmware revisions

Yep, that’s what I figured.
I suppose I was just hoping more parameters would be accessible for cc control after the firmware update and that I was doing something wrong.

(From the firmware release doc)
Most parameters can now be modified by MIDI control change messages. A global remote control channel can also be configured – this allows all parts of a multi-channel setup to be edited from a single channel. Please refer to this chart.

Which firmware version are you running?

To make things clear: if there is no “Y” in the column it doesn’t mean that Yarns does not receive it, but it could be also that it receives it but does something different than what the MIDI standard specifies for this number. That’s why there are extra columns.

To clear confusion, I have modified the document with Y for every CC that Yarns receives, even if it does something different than what the MIDI standard specifies (I mean, it’s a CV/Gate interface, not a GM sound module…)

Ok. It was totally my fault. I did the firmware upgrade but only as far as version 1.01.
I just went to 1.02 and everything works as expected.
Thanks for your help and continuing brilliant/inspiring modules. :slight_smile: