Midi book

Does anyone could advise me a book for the standard midi norm in French if it’s possible ?
I prefer a paper book. Do you know this (Norme MIDI. Livre d’or, tome I, Ed. Sybex of christian braut ?

don’t know if there is a french version, but I bought this book and it was very helpful.

Neither Paper nor French but it has it all: MIDI SPECIFICATION

Thank ypu qp
But apparently not in French

Why all the good information are in english ?
Can you explain me ?
thx frank

Must be that more people speak english then french? Its the KGV :wink:

You upset me Frank
I go out, but if anyone know a title for midi norm In French…

Google translate+midi specification = Profit!

"Google translate+midi specification = Profit!"
and probably a very funny read :wink: