Midi and Scarlett 2i4

I was all excited to try running my shiny new Shruthi with various software (Live/TubeOhm’s software controller/Cyclic) so I got a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 to use for an interface from my laptop. But the midi out is completely glitchy – maybe one note in 10 seems to make it to the Shruthi – playing a sequence will sometimes get two or three notes in a row and then several seconds of nothing. Same with all the software. Acts like it might be a loose connection in the midi connector on the Scarlett. Before I send it back for testing, I thought i’d see if anyone else has had trouble like this?

The Shruthi runs fine with control from my midi keyboard, so that’s not the issue. Oh, and running the Shruthi audio out through the Scarlett into headphones sounds fantastic!


Do you run a single MIDI cable from the Out on the Scarlett to the In on the Shruthi? If not, try that first. Your issue sounds a bit like a MIDI loop.

Additionally, are you running Windows? If so, make sure everything, including drivers, is up-to-date. Also, give it a try with all other USB devices disconnected.

Finally, replacing the optocoupler IC might help. I one had one that worked fine with an external keyboard, but refused to do its job when connected to the computer.

Thanks for the reply.

Yup, just one midi cable from the Scarlett midi-out to the Shruthi midi-in. Yes, I’m on windows, and since I just got the interface all the drivers are freshly installed and up-to-date. When you refer to the optocoupler, you mean the one on the Shruthi control board, OK1 (6N137) right? OK, I can try that tomorrow.


Yes, that’s the one.

no joy…I swapped the optical coupler and the behavior is the same. Well, not quite the same, now I am not even getting intermittent notes. :frowning:

I think I must have a defective interface, so I’ve contacted the sell to return it.

Do you have no other midi gear to test the Scarlett 2i4? It could also be a problem with your software.