Microtiming of the sequencer?

I’m not sure if the midipal is the right way to go here, but I was wondering about introducing microtiming into the sequencers of the midipal.
Anybody have thoughts about whether it would be too resource intensive and/or a waste of effort?
Is it only an extra parameter attached to the notes (so like adding velocity or legato) or do I miss something fundamental?

[In case it’s not clear what I mean: Microtiming is a term that I think Elektron introduced for moving the time of a note to within a step, giving the sequence a real live feel]

Problems you’ll have to solve:

  • The MIDIpal uses a 24ppqn clock - which makes switching from the internal to an external clock easy. If you need more resolution, it’s not a big challenge on the internal side, but you’ll need to PLL the external clock.
  • You’ll need extra RAM to store the microtiming data.