A new platform for DIY audio effects (AVR + ram + codec)

What do you think about it? Don’t know why they went for an AVR instead of something beefier given that it’s a pre-soldered SMT board anyway. The only reason I stuck to an AVR for the Shruthi is so that you can solder everything yourself :slight_smile: So I’d rather write funky firmwares for the WTPA 2.0…

it seems to be interesting.
It is a pity they choose very small components, presoldered. I think it have a cost incidence.
You just have to solder IC’s sockets, pots and audio jacks
Tried to order one kit, but they have checkout problem with international shipping.
It will be good next week.

seems like an interesting box… if you’re into programming, which kind of leaves people like me out. :slight_smile:

just a quick heads up: open music labs are now selling off the remaining microdecs and microdec kits at reduced prices. (there seems to be some kind of error in the store: in the price list, the price for a basic kit shows as usd 69, but if you put one in your shopping cart, the actual price you end up paying is just 59)

people seem to have completely ignored the open aspect - no user-generated new f/x programs so far. but i found this video series demoing the pre-installed f/x that it comes with quite convincing, so i ordered a kit + case.

i like mine a lot, very unique sound. all it really needed was 2-3 coders and it would have taken off imho

Basic kit with the case, rubber bumpers and op amp upgrade came out at $93 shipped – not bad at all. I know i should have resisted but programmable sub $100 audio i/o box seems like a nice toy, assuming assembly language programming skill is similar to riding a bicycle :wink:

There’s been a bit of buzz on Muff’s about it as well and Guest himself has been posting there so maybe this will get some momentum, its a very cool box, shame if it died out

Just ordered mine, got the kit, case, bumpers and knobs for 89 plus shipping, not bad for what you get out of the box with the preset effects, no matter if no further development happens.

The future coding of this would only be a very pleasant bonus!

I ordered one as well. Went for the upgrade on the op amps too, maybe silly but didn’t add much to the total. Maybe we can start a coding group for this one, although it’s been a long time since I’ve done any coding.

You made an OpAmp Upgrade for a 8Bit FX???

edit: i see, originally the provided TLV274s… i wonder where they got these from.

It was a cheap “upgrade”. I thought the demos sounded good for 8-bit. Why does the main product page mention that it is 16-bit?

“The MICrODEC is 16-bit, 44.1kHz, stereo,…”

yeah, it clearly says 16 bit - and doesn’t sound like 8bit to me.

i went for the op-amp upgrade, too. seems that you need it if you want your microdec to drive headphones - which i find useful…

The data is sampled and reproduced at 16-bit 44kHz, though you’ll have to dig into the code to know the precision of the effects implemented for it.

So should we call it 8 bit or 16 bit? And, does it really matter if it sounds good?

@pichenettes: i see.

well i’f afraid i can’t read code. but here are the codes for the 3s pingpong delay, the chromatic pitch shifter, and the chorus - to pick just three random examples. any indication for the code-literate of the internal bitrate?

Assembler code, cool! Last time I did that was on an IBM 370 around 1983 I think.

Looks like 16-bit. This thing is begging for a readable C firmware.

Why did I have to check the site today, another $100 out the door.

Same here … too tempting …


> This thing is begging for a readable C firmware.

was that a personal mission statement - or just a general observation? :wink: