MI Stages - 3 pin breakout not only for chaining?

Hi, just wondering if the pins on the back can be used to add cv controls to the 5 adjustment knobs (with firmware mods or etc). Sounds great to adjust those but would be easier to have access for automation in some way and to do it in an elegant way.

These pins are hooked to a UART (and also I2C peripheral for one of them), so you can transmit any kind of information there, as long as you write the code to receive it and do the right thing with it (good luck, especially if you want to keep the compatibility with the chaining feature!).

You’ll also have to design an “expander” with 6 jacks, 6 op-amps, and a microcontroller with an ADC to read all these voltages and send them in the right format.

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Sweet! thank you for the response!

Stages has i2c capabilities?! BOING!!! <3