MI Module Timeline

I am one of those people who like documentation and history (I still write out patch sheets and console EQ and compression settings etc.), so I thought it might be fun to have listed in a single place a timeline of the release dates of our beloved Mutable modules. I became a loyalist shortly after Émile began releasing modules (having missed the DIY phase of the company), so I can clearly recall my excitement as many of these were unveiled.

[Edit: Complete timeline below - thank you Émile.]


Here’s the timeline, using the date of first sale to dealers. Some modules might have been listed before on ModularGrid either because of a leak or early announcement from me, or because I had “beta” or B-stock units (from failed pre-production runs) sold on the Mutable Instruments online shop.

Grids • August 2013
Braids • August 2013 to October 2017
Edges • August 2013 to October 2016
Ripples • August 2013 to April 2020
Volts • August 2013 to March 2018
Links (PCBCart) • January 2014 to September 2015
Tides • March 2014 to April 2018
Frames • March 2014
Yarns • March 2014 to October 2020
Peaks • August 2014 to October 2017
Clouds • January 2015 to October 2017
Shelves • January 2015 to December 2015
Elements • January 2015
Streams • January 2015
Shades • February 2015 to April 2020
Branches • February 2015
Shelves Expander • April 2015 to December 2015
Bag of cables • July 2015 to July 2020
Links (Made in France) • September 2015
Warps • November 2015
Rings • December 2015
Shelves mkII • January 2016
Kinks • March 2016
Blinds • June 2016
Veils • June 2016 to September 2020
Ears • September 2016
Marbles • March 2018
Plaits • March 2018
Stages • March 2018
Tides 2018 • September 2018
Shades 2020 • May 2020
Ripples 2020 • May 2020
Veils 2020 • October 2020

I haven’t listed the (minor) revisions of Grids, Braids, Branches, Shades, Tides (switch to “Thonkiconn” jacks and/or built-in 5V regulator). At the exception of Links, all these correspond to releases of modules made in France, with green PCBs. I haven’t listed the experiments with the awful Illinois CM (the black PCB Tides, Branches, Shades and Peaks), since the stuff they made had to be re-tested, re-worked, and sorted, and ended up spread as B-stock, giveaways, demo units, and electro trash (only 30% of it was OK and got shipped to dealers).


Would it be possible to add the manufacturing or sales cessation dates as well? I can feel a visualisation coming on…


Still can’t quite believe the 11 module releases (10 without Links) in 2015. I… how… I don’t even…

Glad it doesn’t seem you’re on that schedule anymore. Not because I don’t like module releases, but because it seems a bit unhealthy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Adding the recent releases; dates to the best of my knowledge:

Shades 2020 • May 2020
Ripples 2020 • May 2020
Veils 2020 • October 2020

It really is an impressive body of work. I am sure all this work has brought a lot of happiness to many people.


And welcome to the newest member of the family:

Blades • December 2020

Thank you Émilie!