MI Module Panel Graphics "Dope Sheets"

Greetings Friends;

Please forgive me if this info is elsewhere - I have not been able to find it.

I am trying to get simple .pdf’s of the front panels of the MI modules, for use as what we used to call “dope sheets”, for documenting patches. I have used the photos from the module pages on the website, but they are less than ideal, having shadows and colored knobs with pointers and such. What would be a dream would be if Hannes could share a version of the graphic files with the knobs without pointer - maybe just a generic circle in place of the knobs?

Some of you probably think I’m crazy for wanting to document patches this way, and I’ve heard of folks doing things like taking a photo or video with a phone, but for my current sessions I need a good old-fashioned “paper trail” to be able to get back to versions of sounds I made earlier, in case my client wants me to expand on an earlier idea. I still use these sheets for recording preamps, dynamics, EQ, outboard and console settings on gear that has no other form of recall. I’m probably not the ONLY person who could use patch sheets for their MI modules, right?

Any help or ideas appreciated!


Unbranded panel graphics are included in the github. For Elements:


Thanks for pointing me there; I can work from those. Much appreciated!

For any folks who might be interested, here are some pdfs of simplified panel graphics for a few MI modules; more will follow as I have time to revise them (just cleaning up a few lines and making them grayscale for printing ease).

If someone has a suggestion about where I should post these, please let me know - I must confess I’ve not read all the community guidelines - forgive me if it’s obvious to other community members!

[EDIT: maybe I should also say: if I should NOT post these, please also let me know, and apologies!]

resonator patch sheet.pdf (517.9 KB)
texture synth patch sheet.pdf (719.3 KB)
modal synth patch sheet.pdf (743.6 KB)
chiptune patch sheet.pdf (546.7 KB)
tidal modulator patch sheet.pdf (527.9 KB)
liquid filter patch sheet.pdf (565.5 KB)
dynamic manipulator patch sheet.pdf (519.6 KB)
EQ filter patch sheet.pdf (531.0 KB)


Wow… Thanks! (Any plans for more modules in the future?)

I have been thinking of it, yes; thanks for the nudge, will make up some more soon…


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