MI Marbles #3 (feat Stages Harmonic Oscillator Easter Egg)

A more ‘musical’ patch incorporating the MI Stages Easter Egg and using MI Marbles as the driving force - strangely Marbles seems to make me create more uptempo patches, I expected it to take me more into ambient territory, not that I’m complaining :slight_smile:


Getting serious warp records vibes

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I’m getting more of a playful Warp Records vibe.

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Serious or playful, a Warp Records comparison is a good thing, thanks :slight_smile:



i know what you mean with the tempo - marbles seems to have this sweet spot between about 11 and 12 o’clcok on the temp knob for me which seems slightly faster than I usually have the BSP at (around 70-90 bpm iirc)

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Thanks! :slight_smile: