MI logo OSC?


Hi! :v:

I was wondering if the MI logo w/ font was available in vector format? I was wanting to screen print a shirt for myself as a weekend project.



Did you try the MI github page? I think you should be able to find it there.


Hmm thank you for your reply but after downloading every AI & SVG from every repo there and checking them out I don’t see what I’m looking for. The Sidekick mk4 case had an older version of the logo, inverted but that was it.

I could understand not wanting to put that kind of thing online though, making it easier for shady builders to produce a knock-off and sell it as original product. I found an 800x800 raster of it on google that will probably work for my purposes.


I love your design work by the way!! :heart:

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This is an SVG (the symbol tag that’s partially highlighted in yellow has the paths and stuff). you might be able to start from that?

(you can get to this by inspecting the element in chrome on mutable-instruments.net. You may need to enable browser debugging tools)

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Well that’s perfect, thanks @jlmitch5! Problem solved.

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no prob, hope it works for you. share a picture of the shirt when you finish!

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Oh right, now that I think of it, the logo was not included.
There’s a good reason for that. It’s to prevent cloners to brand their modules with the Mutable logo. The reason that it’s bad is mostly that people might think they are buying an original MI modules (be this just a collateral effect, or actual trickery by the maker), while in fact it’s not.
MI’s quality standard are very high, not sure most cloners reach that level, so it’s important to tell things apart.

Thanks a lot! I see you’re also an illustrator, quickly checked your page, quite a few lovely works you have there!


Agreed! And I can totally understand that, the struggles of releasing Open Source Hardware.