MI Local Usergroups

Anyone interested in local Usergroup meetings? I am in Berlin and I think more than a few on the forum are too. Basically it would just be an excuse to drink beer, talk geek and exchange ideas.

I guess i will have one of the smaller User Groups here…

I think in Southwest Florida it’ll just be me, myself, and I. But I’ll drink beer and toast to Mutablers that are fortunate to be neighbors.

If users will post their locations, I’ll make a lil old map after work and before ambika

Switzerland anyone ? :slight_smile:

Largest MI spots:

San Francisco

By customers or by count :wink:

Nice, so Berlin is in there. Anyone into it?

By customer :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll make an Italian usergroup meeting with Muldee… :slight_smile:

Youll have to move my austin to los angeles (and again to san francisco in a few months) so lets party.

I agree to fcd72, i settle for the Frankfurt area here…

If there’s anyone in Norway that’s interested in grabbing a beer/make some noise, let me know. I’m currently stationed in Trondheim but I’m in Oslo and the area from time to time.

Anyone planning to visit MusikMesse at Frankfurt this year ?

Unfortunately i have planned all my vacation days this year due to my house works. I would go if i had the time, it’s a 15 minute way for me…

Im heading for the Musikmesse… as well as fr@nk

I will be there, although I don’t know If I have to work or just visit for a day, yet.
And I know at least one other guy from the synthesizerforum from FFM that has a shruthi :wink:

Guys you give me a deep depression, maybe i am getting so sick that my doc could help me out :wink:

Austin eh? Any Atlantans on that list? (no names necessary, just curious, there HAS to be someone else from Georgia (US) making these babies!

Musikmesse is also Saturday, so theres no excuse! Also i need a place to stay :wink:

Thinking of getting a flight to Knarffurt, shack somewhere, drink something cold and frothy and stopping by Messe. Ryanair can take me there if I can stand the horror, or maybe Germanwings? Hmm. SAS?

@fcd72: I NEED SHITLOADS OF BEER! Or something.