MI Grids Video and Track


nice. reminds me that i have to finish my DEP-1 that i never got working one day.

Like it!
Is that a Gieskens in the first shot? My Gieskes is somewhere in a box… couldn’t really find a use for it back then… should maybe try it again.

@Simon: It is the same way you post a text link. Except that you put the YouTube link where the text would go. I am not sure if it works with Vimeo. It should.
Great video, thanks for sharing.

@audiohoarder I’ve just tried it and couldn’t get it to work. Maybe it’s to do with Vimeo. Cheers though.

@loderblast you should finish it, it’s a load of fun once you dial in something nice.

@shiftr you really should give it another go. I’ve had mine for some time now and when I first got it I didn’t really give it much chance as I’d got a few other sound manipulation devices around the same time. Then a couple of months ago I dug it out of the draw and it’s been involved in one way or another in a lot of things I’ve recorded since.

@everyone Thanks for watching or listening, and the comments.