MI Ears with a custom 3HP panel?


Sliding bolts and a pair of HP have presented an opportunity: would it be possible for me to make Ears into a 3HP module, with my own custom faceplate? Currently obsessing over either this idea, going hard with sand paper on the sides of four wood panel Bastl modules, or possibly letting this pass. Thank you.


If you mean converting an existing Ears, then I don’t think you can remove enough of the panel.


Yes converting the faceplate was my way of thinking about it but if the panel is too integrated with the module then I suppose it isn’t possible. I was more worried about the module’s thickness behind the 4HP.


I think the diameter of the piezo disc behind the panel might limit how narrow the panel could get.



At least with the mikrophonie, the piezo disc only just fits in the 4hp panel. Perhaps leave the piezo attached to the existing panel and get another disc for the 3hp panel.