MI Clouds - no activity from WM8731

recently I finished my build of Clouds. The digital part works as expected (all the buttons, LEDs, etc.), but there seems to be no activity from the audio codec.

  • Both I2C_SDL and I2C_SCA are held high, except for brief burst of activity on restart of the board.
  • There is no activity on the crystal assigned to WM8731 as well as the XTO/XTI pins of the codec itself
  • I2S_SCK and I2S_LRCLK are working, LRCLK is 32 kHz

I tried reflowing the STM32, replacing the WM8731, replacing the crystal oscillator and none of it helped. Only solution I have so far is that I sourced a bunch of non working WM8731s. :confused: However I would like to try testing other solutions if there are any.

I would really appreciate any help, cause so far I am stuck (and very curious what’s causing this).

Thank you!

No support for DIY builds here!