MI Befaco Modular

Finally got some time this afternoon to house Tides and Peaks, recived last week. At this moment only Befaco and Mutable modules. But Befaco uses banana and Mutable minijack so don’t know what to do. I’m gonna make another case but for live situations I prefer to carry just one.

For sequencing I’m using Elektron A4 wich sends CV but also act as a mixer. Along with the Octatrack will be my live setup hope to have great times with them.

Need to think on the new modules I need for the upper row, and also look if the Anushri deserves all that space in a compact system. So if anyone have any coments on my rack they will be welcomed.

MI Befaco Modular on Modular Grid.

You could drill some blacks and make format converters. That should be easy. Or what about that blank bottom panel. You could turn that into a format changer and mults.

Thanks, I plan to fill the case of course. In fact I’ve to take out an older Befaco VCO (which is 22Hp) another ADSR module and a mixer.

In the blank bottom panel is the power supply, but I can try something.

I think o need a couple of modules on the minijack zone, but with the A4 and all of what I’ve I got more synthesis options that I can understand at this moment so I’ll take it easy.

My idea is to setup one or if possible two voices on the modular.

So reading on the forum find this that would be great for me to understand what work should do the Anushri and the A4. Also I need lot of cables!

My sound source is going to be [A]
I’ll further process/shape it with [B]
The CV to control the notes of my sound source are coming from [ C]
The CV to control the parameters of A and B are generated by [D]
The plumbing is ensured by [E]

Just with Tides and Peaks (and the little time i’ve lately) it’s totally worth every penny…

Need to wait 'til xmas for a Braids but also thinking to add moar modules, even selling Anushri to get Frames.

Oh, no! I’m down the rabbit hole…