MI Ambika Metal Cases

Ambika metal wood now ready for demonstration.
The price depends of interest, but it will be bit more then the plexi enclosure.
No need to fight about volume pot. You say where, I drill it there.
Instrument on photos has the LCD display front frame, EA 017-4UKE placed behind the front. It can be mounted also onto front.
As standard there will be Contrast filter screen protecting the LCD.
More photos with Contrast screen next week.

1mm steel covered with powder paint and screen print. Wood is Oak.

Tilted version with angeled wood.

Have some names in list, but let me know if you interested.

add me too !

I also vote for some print for the outputs on the top, and volume buttons on the top right !

And in greeeeeeeen ! :smiley:

Can you share your case drawing so I can give it a try to design a print?

Greets DMM

Tilted case with drilled (front) volume hole for me. Second altitude’s suggestion about top-printed labels for the rear jacks. And looks absolutely beautiful

@weNiverse yes you can order without screen cover. But keep that in mind that there is 10mm room between the PCB and top cover.

@DMM you can buy without screenprint and make design and let it print somewhere.

@soup I’ll make some little extra. If there is need for this case, then there will be cases.

There will be I/O like on MidiPal on top.

are you screen printing these yourself?

Nope. Done by specialists.

Maybe you should consider printing the output labels on the top so you dont need them on the back

Put me down for 1 tilted with drilled volume hole!

hummm the Tilted version with angeled wood + volume pot, looks really good, i’m interested

Tilted version with an angled wood and drilled volume hole, please.

Put me down for 1 tilted case with drilled volumne hole. :slight_smile:

Is there any way I could order one without the display cover? I soldered mine on the wrong side of board, like non-direction reading fool

@Adrian: I just want to say that I really like the mechanical aspects and quality of your cases. And this one here is a beauty! Especially the design of the screen print. :slight_smile: I have to admit that I did not like the screen print for the Shruthi cases that much, but it’s nice to see the progress here.

Not sure if this have been discussed before, but did you consider to publish the source files for the screen print so that someone with good design skills (not me, I’m a noob) could help/improve here? Maybe a competition?

And please go on, this is good work! :slight_smile:

me please! tilted with volume. nice work :slight_smile:

I would like one (tilted and hole for volume pot), please.

I’m in: tilted version / no volume pot
Any chance to get a white version like the Shruthi Metal Case?

Dear Andre,
I agree with Altitude, please add the labels on top.
Is it possible to make a own screen print design?

As these seem to be silkscreened, custom designs would raise the price a lot I guess.

Great work, Adrian.

1 tilted case with drilled volume hole, please. :slight_smile:
Looks stunning!