MGxMG An Instrumental Album by Martin Gore

Let me start by confessing I am biased about what ever Depeche Mode or one of the former or current members are making and releasing.

Martin Gore released his new instrumental album last Friday and He produced biggg portion of it on Eurorack systems. He is a synthesizer hoarder as he describes himself.

Here is a short video talking about album and production steps.

My favourite track on the album is “Islet” which I really really recommend.

Good stuff!

And I see he has a handful of MI modules too :slight_smile:

Why would he not have MI? :slight_smile: he seems to have all the cool stuff, SIDStations, Oberheim Xpander, you name it.

I could spot Braids, Grids and Ripples, is there more?

I think I spotted some broken Frames.

@BennelongBicyclist :slight_smile:

Lol !!

Hmm, I must say that after listening to the whole thing (Mute put the whole album on ustream, and later on youtube) I’m a bit disappointed. It feels more like a collection of unfinished sketches than like an album. It sounds like Gore does not know what he wants to do with all his gear, jumping from one genre to the next in an apparently inconsistent way, plus some of the sounds are kind of cheesy and clashing with the rest, or really thin and week. Well this is my first impression. It might need additional listens and a couple of tracks were kind of interesting, but the overall impression is, well, underwhelming.

Needs more Alan Wilder IMO!

I don’t think Gore has ever really made a significant contribution to the DM sound, he was always the song writer. Other people have tended to do the programming and sound creation.

@6581punk I agree. He’s one of my favourite songwriter and singers, but not a very interesting producer in terms of sound.

If you read the story about Enjoy the Silence you do really wish Wilder was back in the band. He effectively made that song a hit.

you are right… I think I focussed my attention a lot on the sound because I missed the songwriting here

Then you should listen to the VCMG album, you may discover another side of Martin Gore. Point is that he is obviously not a standalone producer, but as soon as another person is involved he can unleash his full potential…