MFB Synth Lite II - Audio Output and Input divide into individuals?

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Yeah, me yeah… :slight_smile: Is there a way to divide this two Audio Input and Output with a better Neutrik Mono Output like Shruthi has? I see that it has a resistor. Cheap stuff ey if you look at the pictures. I want only divide this two things and perhaps if possible, gain some output volume wich can remove the default “noise” .

I can make pictures of the board (other side).

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i’m not sure what exactly you want to do. replace the 2 jacks with neutrik jacks? works if there’s room enough inside.
as to ‘dividing’ them, they’re only connected to each other with the grounds. you can use 2 individual ground wires if you like that better.

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Neutrik i will change it… The resistor, for what is this one used? Is it possible to modd the sound to be louder?

I am not sure if this is a good idea…

louder? I’t’s f**king loud already lol

Neutrik open jacks should be exactly the same format, if your problem is that those connectors are not tight enough. But those on the picture might be actual neutriks…
If you’re just experiencing scratches when touching the cables, you should just use some contact spray, can be found easily in any good electronics retailer. Sometimes, when the connector doesn’t hold the plug well, it’s worth bending (slightly) the metal to help tighten the contact.

Otherwise, it’s probably not a good idea use a different type of jacks. First reason is that you might lack of room. Second reason is that you need an electrical contact between the outer ring of the jacks and the frame, and jacks like the ones used in the shruthis (even with solder lugs instead of pc-mount pins) are insulated.

Oh, and unless you have bad contacts (and scratchy sounds when you touch the cables), you’re certainly not going to get louder by changing the connectors. Connectors are equivalent to wires.

and which resistor goes there depends on the circuit. ‘default noise’ is probably the Synthsesizer’s default noise and you won’t get rid of that by changing the output impedance. you’d rather have to redesign the circuit and use a different opamp approach. so either ask Manfred Fricke for possible mods, or maybe change to a more expensive synth, if it’s too cheap for you?

what i mean is, if there is noise coming out at a certain level, it must have come in first, and then it’s getting amplified together with the sound. so it’s either the whole output stage or the circuitry before the output.

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