MFB Dominion 1e

Soooooo I liked the Dominion, but always felt the filters needed more punch and then it would be one of the best little mono around for the money. Then they upgraded the filters on the module, and build a 3 VCO Dominion Keyboard, with 3 different syncs, 3 LFOs, 2 of which have a kill switch, moddable digital waveforms coming in through the analog oscillators and both analog and digital ringmods…

It’s almost like a 3 oscillator SCI Pro one for 2013, beckoning me to break the bank for it when it comes out in October.

The only demo available is a guy with no idea what a synth is trying to move knobs and see what happens, but EVEN THEN you can still feel the power growling within!

This guy did the demo on the music fair, and albeit i tend to agree…this baby has an impressive low-end and CVs…jumjum

This sounds and looks 10x times more interesting than the new moog shit. The most stunning mono synth :slight_smile:

The Moog “shit” is great for half the price of this.

I would have both.

:smiley: The moog Sub 37 costs 200 Euro more and is less interesting… :slight_smile:

I may have heard wrong, the Dominion is 1395 euro apparently, so you might have a point on price, let´s wait for the Sub37 to be finalized and see what it can bring to the table, the Dominion 1 looks great

This looks like excellent value, really.

I’m not so sure. It seems like an interesting synth but will be a tough sell in the new world if it comes in close to $2000.00. On this side of the pond, unfortunately, a choice between something not too well known for $2000.00 and a Moog for $1500.00 is going to go to Moog.

These people never operated anywhere near the number of units Moog moves so I guess that’s perfectly fine. :slight_smile:

I have heard the proto of the Domion last year and it plain stomped the Sub Phatty into the ground. I have seen listing of the Sub37 around 1500€ and the Dominion was mentioned to be listed by 1300€. Btw, the proto last year hadn’t paraphony, so forget about the Sub37 - the Domion is the winner of my sympathies (for the devil) !

On the superficial side the looks on the demo unit are great.

Comparisons with any Moog aside, this looks awesome. Patch memory, step sequencer which records vel, AT, ribbons, full arpeggiator…and crazy extensive patch bay!

Looks like it has all the nice, immediate aspects and patchability of something like the MicroBrute but takes everything to a totally new level. This would be an awesome controller/supplement for a Euro setup, obviously.

yep, just the f***** perfect modular friend !

MFB did a masterrig on this one, got mine in a week ago,
apart from the fiddly sliders, it’s a german tank with lots of
patchable i/o’s to other modular gear. this one’s for keeps:D

I bought one, it’s going back straight away as one of the white keys on the keyboard doesn’t work!

I’d have thought such things would be tested before leaving the factory?

It’s a shame mine’s got a fault, it’s a really really nice sounding monosynth. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get it replaced. If it wasn’t new I’d have it apart and fix it myself.