MFB 503 "default" noise

Hi Experts

As i know, you know everything.

Is there a way to remove some components of this nice thing to put in another noiseless “thing” ? I don’t want use an extra Denoiser for that little thing…

Could it help i i put a picture of the PCB?



I don’t think it’s going to be that simple John…

Okey, sorry, i ask and i see… ok… Then i need to put my second denoiser… :frowning:

Don’t be sorry. The mfb 503 is for a big part an analogue drum synth. Analogue is always a bit noisy unless designed and constructed to the highest specs. But the mfb stuff is designed to be fun and cheap. To have the same thing less noisy probably means redesigning the whole thing.

Btw and the have the 503 too and never really had a problem with it being that noisy… But i do think the software and the user interface could be a lot better…

>>But i do think the software and the user interface could be a lot better…

Yups! I don’t know, but here i feel me at home… Openminded people wich are loving analogue stuff! Yuhaaaa! My dream would be making a shruhti wich is a keyboard thing like i already saw. Mounted a midicontroller with doepfer stuff. But i think that a little bit to complicated for me :(( But never say no!

I think this is the wrong forum, but depending on what was used for the MFB 503, you might be able to swap some components for higher quality ones, this might introduce new problems though -> You could ask on somewhere like muff or the like, although I have no idea what their stance on newbies is :frowning:

Easy… I let it be… :wink:

My MFB 503 has a lot of noise (hum/hiss) on the kick channel only. I returned the unit because of that and it turned out to be a defect. Maybe yours has the same kind of issue?

My Anushri has also a lot of noise on the Kick :wink:

It’s all SMT inside

Kinda sexy, really.

Kinda looks like future MI but don’t think the boards from Olivier will ever be green.

They are green as its either the default color or the cheapest one. Luckily our MadScientist™ at the secret MI Lab has a slightly more sophisticated aesthetic.

@shiftr: WOW, yeah, me by trying desoldering something on this little little little thing… Hohohoho, merry crashing! John… !

And yes, oliviers pcbs are “s**y” :slight_smile:

PS: Feedback, hat strange bzzzz brrrr “humm” and different things… So i took neutric cables and made on my own a stereo kabel (Y) . Now everything is gone, and yeah, VST Drums = Death Dynamic, Analogue Drums = It’s alive… :slight_smile: