Metal/Wood Anushri


After heard the demo of the new product from Mutable Instrument in the Modularsquare meeting last june, I decided to build an Anushri.
I finded a vintage metal/wood case from a prototype of a video mixer with the ideal size for all knob/led and button,
so after cleaning, drilling, sandpapering and painting, this is the result.

Thanks again Olivier for these original and exciting design!

Others picture

Nice work!
This level of off-board wiring makes me shudder.


Oh DAMN That is fracking crazy! Nice work man!

Brilliant man! Looks really well made and professional.


Héhé pichenettes :))
It’s not for sale but for my personal use :))

3 years after having started electronics, I still have this weird feeling when looking at a breadboard mess or finished PCB, “OMG it works - all these parts are working together and it’s really working and doing something interesting”. Got that when I work a circuit in Spice, then breadboard it and it works first time, or spend hours setting up a makefile and boot code for a new MCU and the LED finally blinks. It’s still hard for me to believe that what I do can actually work. So I’m totally amazed to see projects like that. This is insane! And it’s cool we have people like nicoo or schrab - in case civilization collapses, they’ll rebuild wireless routers and telecommunication satellites from spare 74xxx and a wirewrapping tool!

This kinda makes me want to build a modified (aka different factor) breadboarded Ambika just to have one. Time to find an old case from something. You know at our school there is this ancient intercom machine with buttons all across the front. It is not used for the 40 some odd spaces it can handle but for three rooms now. I totally want to claim it when it is put out of its misery and turn it into this awesome sequencer cum ambika/anushri.

Also, still blown away by this, amazing. One thing I worry about is that in the past my perfboard masses and homemade effects boards have always been noisy/haven’t worked properly. I wonder how much I could fix this with the improved skills I now have and the ability to know what value my components actually are these days. Just amazing work man, great job nicoo.

It’s lovely outside and in! Well done :slight_smile:

great job! and holy crap a lot of wiring, exactly my taste!


I second that - great work, and great mental stamina with the flying leads!

Picking up on Shimoda’s comment: How important is a ground plane for these kind of circuits? Apart from convenience, PCBs don’t have an edge over stripboard when it comes to wiring layout, but you can’t fake a ground plane. Just wondering to what degree it contributes to performance (noise and stability?) at audio frequencies.

The flying leads are more of a risk factor for radiation pickup IMHO…reason why some builders specify thin coax for all audio wires, even though I personally find it loathsome to work with…

Wow! Great, nicoo!

respect. that is bad arse!

SO… many… wires… and… awesomeness…

@BorbaTheGeek : there are some prototype board with a ground plate side and pads on other side :

But I don’t know where to buy this kind of board…
And for sure coax wire are better, but I was too lazy for using it!

you call that lazy? … looks great!

As an alternative to coax you could use twisted pair :slight_smile:

… and make all signal paths balanced…