Metal knobs at Digikey ROCK

These are the knurled 6mm shaft knobs they have at Digikey. The anodized finish is a little bit less glossy than the Eagle knobs at Mouser but they are designed for 6mm shafts (vs. 1/4") so you just drop them on the pot shaft, tighten the set screw and you are done. The pointers are painted on and can be removed with acetone. Very nice indeed.

they look like the anodized knobs on musikding… they were among my favs for the Shruthi XT… they look good indeed!

@altitude nice. I notice you’ve had to enlarge the holes in the enclosure top-panel to accommodate them.
Is that an OLED display, too? The background looks too dark for it to be an LCD.


I did that so they sit recessed in the case, you dont need to do it, i just like how it looks . Thats the newhaven oled, backgrounds on oleds are blacker than black

@altitude I see. Have you ever seen a 2x40 OLED? I did a bit of googling around, but couldn’t find one.


I havent seen one, looked around when i was building mbseq4

I’m also on the lookout for 2x40 OLEDs for a MBseq. So far I have found nothing.

Maybe they don’t exist…
Probably going to go for a VFD for the Ambika, if it can be made to fit.


If Google is right there seems to be exactly one 2x40 OLED … I can’t seem to find someone who actually sells it though.

interesting… Wonder if they sell these through any distributors