Metal Case and OLED

Anyone any tips for using an OLED display with the Shruthi-1 metal case? I have a white-on-black OLED, which is slimmer than an LCD. I’ve been thinking I might need to raise up the OLED so it’s level with the top of the case, but I’m not sure how to support it. Alternatively, has anyone tried using some kind of transparent window for the display?


You dont really need to support it, the pins will hold it fine. I used a lexan sheet glued to the back of the case as a window

If you are using OLED then there should be room for dark display glass. What will give a result like this

Thanks for the tips, guys. Adrian, is that glass just glued to the bottom of the top panel? Looks good. What thickness is it? Ideally, I’d like the top of the glass to be level with the top of the panel, though…


It’s 1mm glass and just glued. It’s also sold as 2mm.
You can cut the glass according to window size. I’m cutting it with utility-knife