Messed up a 100nF... replacement?

Just started my Shruthi1… made a cock up already. Put a 100nf where the 10p should be. Got it out. Gunna clean it with braid. Need another 100nF.

Could someone show me a suitable replacement on this website,
I say there because I can get one on my way home rather than order


Just grab any ceramic 100n Cap with 2,5mm spacing. Get a Couple of them, its the most common part in synth DIY.


the lead spacing is too wide. needs to be 2.5mm… this should work

I second fcd’s advice. Get several dozen. I can’t count how many times I’ve needed a 100n and didn’t have one in stock.

I buy them by 100s…

Edit: as i am just checking parts: pichenettes obviously buys them by 3300s…

generally, I buy them in groups of 440. It helps to stabilize the equilibrium of the workspace.

440 exactly why?

my appologies. I’m rambling. its 4;30am and I’m up soldering and fixing the “it came to me in a dream” issues :stuck_out_tongue:

have you calculated which is the corresponding R für 440Hz?

Bahaha. I did the same thing. Lucky for me I have lots of 100n’s on hand.

I guess that’s what you get when you build at midnight.

Acquired. Just bought some solder wick as I cant get some of the solder out of the hole :confused:

A solder sucker is also very nice to have.

Sorted it now. The solder sucker wouldnt do it.

The trick i recently learned with a solder sucker is that you have to ADD EXTRA solder first, how strange that may seem.

I was just ploughing in to it. I wouldn’t have done it if the instructions had said put that one in first. But learnt a valuable lesson. Check twice, solder once.

I probably should have read the instructions first too. :wink: