Message for pichenettes

Hello [pichenettes]
i have one problem with one grids that i bought in spain
with a dealer that now is close my grids experiance that the clock input do not work
they at first say that they are shout down the business and do not take any responsibility for that issue the module is still on warranty till july
i write them again never answer back who take the responsability of that?
hope you can tend an hand on that
best regards

Send an email to with a video of the problem, and if it needs a repair, I’ll tell you how to return the module.

Hello thanks
i am out of the city now when i will be back i will do so thank you for your support!!

Remember that the clock input on Grids only works when the tempo knob is turned all the way counter-clockwise. Clock input is also disabled if you have set a tap tempo. Also, clock input by default expects a 24ppqn signal.

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Hello i move the knob ccw and pam is on ppqn24 set tempo disabled already but i will try when i will be home again i have fam problems.thanks in advance but the horrible things is about this dealer that sell it to me i was new on eurorack and dint know if the module was already foulted and as i was new … you some people are really bad for 200€ this is sad because they disappear, but pitchinettes al ready give full disposal as a good man,so i am fine now but i appreciate your comments ant the time you take to try to help me thank you very much.
best regards