Merry Christmas. Best year ever for my music. Found Mutable Instruments

I just want to thank Oliver for all of this - the amazing syths, incredible support, true passion for what he does. As I mentioned my music and more importantly my musical mind has been awakened. And the community is fanatic, knowledgeable and patient. Im glad I found you guys - Matt from Australia

I’m too. Mutable is a great forum and great Thanks to Oliver.

Oliver you are an great man :slight_smile:

I agree Matt. I think one of the most incredible things about this place is how it’s so diverse- full of so many nationalities and probably an age range of 30 years between the oldest and youngest regular posters. Yet loving synthesis and building things appears to be one of the few grand equalizers I’ve ever seen.

Sure, we have occasional internet stupidity (ahem), but for the most part, this place is a real oasis.

I’d wager we’re closer to 40 years between posters, I seem to recall that we have one or two 60ies(ish) guys around here :wink:

Cheers to us ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy end of dat year ! Thabks for all of the community, the work, the fun,… Have fun !

Yo guys, i must admit that this is the coolest forum i am in. Relaxed people and real nice instruments… And best of all - a total lack of arrogance and trolling. I am really comfortable about beeing here,
Thanks folks and thanks Olivier !

Thank you Olivier for sharing.
Papa Noël bring me a Anushri I UPTURNED assembly.
Merry Christmas.

Hi all and have a beautiful end of year.
I hope to have some good others DIY project in 2014.
Thanks a lot to Olivier


I’d like to echo these thought! I found MI last year, but became a regular reader (and semi-regular poster) this year. I love the camaraderie and banter. The idea sharing is also awesome. Can’t wait to see what this coming year brings!