Merkbar and R

As a frequent user of the R open-source statistical analysis environment, I usually read various R blogs while eating lunch (I’m a sad case, I know). Today I came across an R blog called Ripples. And the latest article on it is about using R to create an album cover for a Danish electronic ambient group, Merkbar.

Which made me think about using R to create some suitable logo artwork for my Bees-in-Trees modifications to the Braids firmware. But if anyone else is considering mathematical or data-driven visualisations, or other programmatically-generated artwork, for their amateur virtual album covers, do throw around your ideas here - it is a potentially interesting area and I’m quite interested in collaborating with anyone doing, or contemplating, such work.

Are you aware of David McCandless’ work. Might provide some inspiration for data visualisation.


Some cool things worth visualizing in the Braids code:

  • Plots of all the lookup tables.
  • Repartition of flash use between functions and lookup tables (make f braids/makefile disassemble), then open build/braids/braids.top_symbols first column is the size of the object.

An idea: Put the original .bin in an inner circle, and your new .bin in an outer circle. Draw line connecting similar segments.

Also, this could be an inspiration.

The first I have already done - I wanted to re-use existing LUTs, so I plotted them using R. As a result, one of the internal envelope shaped is called wiggle.

I like the idea of a circos plot of the original and the hacked binary, though. Hmmm. I wonder if a source code dendogram is feasible?

@toneburst, yes, McCandless’ work is always worth a look. I can also recommend the Infosthetics blog by Andrew Vande Moere, who was at the University of Sydney for a long time. And of course anything done using D3