Melodic summer jam with some drunken vocals

Melodic summer jam with MI Warps in a supporting role. There are even some drunken vocals towards the end. Enjoy! :penguin:


The main riff is Make Noise René feeding DPO a simple line. DPO is then sent through Jomox T-Resonator that creates that fine stereo jitter. The melody-ish background noise that is introduced with the bassline is also the DPO but fed through Warps that’s being modulated by Xaoc Batumi. The bassline and the melodies was performed on the Korg Minilogue. The drums are from the Arturia DrumBrute. When the first part of the tune switches to the second I actually changed the pattern on the DrumBrute. The sounds are the same but the rhythmical composition changes. I don’t think anybody noticed yet. :crazy_face:

I recorded the original jam about eight months ago, added the bassline and the melodies two months ago, recorded the vocals a couple of weeks ago and finalized mixing and such this week. This music making thingie has turned out to be a long game for me.