MD II non UW or Sonic Potions LXR

Im looking for a drum machine and really want a Rytm but I can only afford a second hand one. So im also getting a modular so I believe the MD can drive a eurorack but Im gonna read up on that. Soudwise though - if you could go into battle with only one which would it be and why? BTW i already own an A4 and a OT

I’ve got an LXR - it’s pretty great. Never used a machinedrum though. There’s a trigger assembly for the LXR for interfacing with modular stuff -

The MD won’t be able to drive a Eurorack directly, since it has no CV outputs. It can output MIDI, but it’s not ideal as a sequencer of external gear, in my opinion.

I’d also say that the non-UW version of the Machinedrum probably isn’t worth getting. The sample-playback features, while primitive, are the most interesting parts of the MD, in my opinion. Others might disagree.

If you want a drum and percussion synthesiser, I’d say go for the LXR.


Obviously an MPC will do a lot too.

Ive got a crack at a MDII non UW for $450. I think they can actually trigger modulars via strig?I like the sound of the LXR for sure but considering IVe already got an OT and an A4 and understand the Elektron Sequencers maybe I might go for it. Unless one came up that cheap I woudnt have considered it.

They are both cool pieces. If you have the space, I’d be inclined to grab the MD at that price and add the LXR later. I didn’t really know how to get the most mileage out of the sampling capabilities when I had the machinedrum, and found dealing with samples on it to be highly obnoxious, so I personally wouldn’t care too much about the UW option. Maybe I’m just ignorant of its real power though. LXR sounds very different to MD, at once more punchy and more lo fi.

I’d say tweaking the LXR is much more fun, but they are more complementary than redundant in the types of sounds you can make.

From what I gather the MD be really nice for percussion type sounds and weird FX. That plus the sequencer and it wll track 1vOct so with the A4 and the OT doing main drums…

It’s nice for pitch-bendy sine wave bass lines, too.


Yeah I think Ill do it. When i think of spending $450 on eurorack modules or whatever then its a steal really

Keep in mind that the sequencer on the MD is far less flexible than the one on the OT and the A4 (and the XLR). Might or might not matter for you depending on your current workflow, but was an issue for me.

t2k - Can you elaborate on that? I have an MD, but have never used an A4 or OT, what are the limitations on the sequencer?

The newer Elektron boxes allow for what they call “microtiming” which means you can move a trig forwards or backwards in 1/384rd of a quarter note resolution. This is also what allows un-quantized live recording.

Additionally, you can set per-track pattern lengths with an optional master length for when all tracks get restarted from the beginning.

The AR also allows you to record retriggers. I think this is also available on the OT for all track types, if I’m not mistaken. On the MD this is only available for sample-based track types.

On top of that, I found the pattern chain and song modes on the A4 and AR much nicer to work with than the song modes on the MD and OT, but others seem to disagree. :wink:

For the sake of completeness, keep in mind that both the AR and the A4 do not offer any sequencing of outboard MIDI gear at all.

Id JUST be using it for the drum synths. The only sequencing I plan doing with it will be drums and Eurorack triggers. So how many triggers/gates ect can I get out of the MD?

If I may list the features of the LXR: you get 7 parts each with its own trigger out (if you have the board) the sequencer has 16 steps but each step has 8 substeps, which can be used in a variety of ways. Each track can have its own length. The LXR now has basic sample support and a pretty extensive synthesis engine. Plus I’ve never seen a firmware getting developed with such a pace

I have both (LXR and a MDUW+), as well as the OT and the A4, and the choice would be difficult.
Especially if you can get an MD for 450$ even if it is without the UW+ (which is really nice, btw)
I wouldn’t use the MD to trigger eurorack, I think I’d prefer to do that with the LXR.
On the other hand, the MD blends in pretty well with the A4 and OT, and I love the CTRL-AL machine for ultra glitchy sounds…
There are interesting new sounds in the LXR, but if you like more control and more “classic” drum sounds, the MD fits more the bill…

Aaaarrrh, impossible choice, really… get both :slight_smile:

I have an MDUW. But if I had a chance to start again in your position I’d grab the standard MD then maybe an Octatrack at a later date.

The MD isn’t limited to classic sounds you can get some real weird stuff going on it too