MB909 Groupbuy

Hi dear MI community!

I just received an email about the actual MB909 groupbuy which is about to start…

So if someone is interested in a 909clone, now seems to be the time to get active. :slight_smile:


damn, thanks for the heads up!

well, seems like he’s only doing the 9090 part, i’d be more interested in the standalone sequencer boards and maybe buttons etc, i already have the TR9090 (i.e. the material to build it)

Yeah, but since he wrote he is testing around with the MB SeqV4, i hope there will be an update within the next weeks/months… May be the MB SeqV4 is the thing you are looking for?

i think he transported the MB808 sequencer which was based on SeqV3 to the new platform, based on SeqV4. that and the fact it must be standalone (as there are already TR9090 boards) makes it for me the most wanted drum sequencer ever.
gotta read the threads or his homepage again for details.

That’s pretty reasonable for a 9090 kit…

Sequencer or not, you still pay relatively little for a very good 909 clone. I just hope the sequencer guys with Jozef and the rest would be a bit more forthcoming on where they are with the development of that board… I still want it as a detached drum grid remote, Prophet 3000 stylee.


I have designed full colour aluminum frontpanels for the 9090, you can check them out at http://www.synthage.com/frontpanel/frontpanel.php

I am also finishing ordering the components for the next groupbuy
Concerning the sequencer: I had a design problem, but have ordered a few new pcb’s that should resolve the issue with the height of the menu buttons.



I have just finished soldering the 9090 boards with the components from the last group buy.

I hope the sequencer gets sorted and released soon, I plan to add it to the 9090.

Incidentally Jef, do you still include the Main Out pcb on the group buy?

Hey all,

Kits are available again, and I also have a built rackmounted 9090 for sale on ebay: http://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/-/201388078427?roken=6yUwWN